Case Study – Equestrian Centre

The main aim for this project was to create lighting that would create an even spread of light throughout the whole equestrian centre. With indoor equine training it is important that there are no dark areas on the floor as this will effect the way in which the horse jumps.

By replacing just 12 lights with LED’s the Centre was able to save over £100 a month on electricity usage.

By using the VIVI150 unit the customer not only achieved fantastic distribution but it also allowed for the horses to train in a light which was very similar to that of the outdoors.

The lighting installed has meant that we can now train all year round in summer like conditions.

The new lighting has also attracted more people to train at the facility as it no longer looks old and run down.

Knowing very little about LED lighting, the guys at VIVILITE were on hand to guide me through the whole process and found an electrician that was local, knew about the products and provided a service that reflected that of what I received from VIVILITE. Tremendous service and even better product.

Products Used

  • 12 x VIVI150 (to replace 12 x 400w metal halides)

Technical outcome

  • Monthly Savings – £100.80

  • Current Running Costs – £161.28

  • Proposed LED Usage Costs – £60.48

  • Payback Time – 15 Months

  • Lifetime Savings – £22,500.00