Case Study – Hallet Retail Logistics

With this facility being fully operational 24hrs a day, it was important to both the client and also VIVILITE that we could illuminate the facility correctly at all times of the day.

One of Hallett Logistics main concerns was that they were wasting unnecessary energy when certain areas of the warehouse were not being used, adding the sensors to these units allows for only the areas being used to be lit.

Upon completion of an energy Audit by one of our trusted installation partners – Envo Energy Solutions – we enhanced energy savings by adding ip65 remote controlled combined daylight and motion sensors (IP65-SENS) to both the VIVI100 and also VIVI150’s – this allowed for 24hr light and also for areas to be lit when they were being used.

Smart usage of different lights

Initially the customer wanted to have all the facility lit with one wattage, however, ceiling height, and differing lighting requirements for various areas of the warehouse meant that we could maximise the customers savings by altering the wattages throughout. VIVI100’s were used in the loading bays, and VIVI150’s were used in the in the rest of the facility.

The team at VIVILITE were fantastic, they introduced us to Envo who completed the install and they were incredibly professional, from site visit to installation and after care there was not a stone left unturned. They were a pleasure to work with and we look forward to doing more business with them on the new sites we’ve signed off on

Technical outcome

  • Monthly Savings – £952.64
  • Yearly Savings – £11,431.68
  • 5 Year Savings – £57,158.54
  • Payback Time – 11 months