Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society

The RJA&HS recently expanded their premises with a 700m2 extension to their 900m2 indoor showroom. VIVILITE's 100W and 150W LED High Bay's were used for the new build as well as replace units in their existing showroom.

VIVILITE won the tender to lead the lighting for the project which saw the Society increase their floorspace to incorporate shows, exhibitions, competitions, demonstrations and lectures that encourage the practice of good agriculture and horticulture in Jersey.

Lighting was an important part of the plan because we knew that the right light output can have an effect on milk yield. Research has shown that switching to LED lighting can increase the milk yield by up to 10%. We are very happy with the results.

James Godfrey - RJA&HS CEO

RJA&HS and VIVILITE worked together to ensure the right units were used for the project. We created professional lighting plans to maximise the best possible use and positioning of the lights. 

Our range of LED lighting is perfect for agricultural use which are >IP65 rated making them water and dust proof and have undergone vibration & shock testing during manufacturing which ensures the units are robust. With our range being DALI Dimmable by default and giving you the option for Microwave and Daylight sensors, the lux level can remain uniform throughout the building. Increasing your savings even more.

Daniel Butler-Hawkes - VIVILITE Sales Director


  • New and existing premises
  • Plane Height of 8.5m
  • New LED Lighting required
  • Full Specification to British Standards guidelines


  • Carry out Professional Lighting Design for the full site
  • 5 Year Warranty on all Lighting


  • Fully compliant scheme with between 300-500 lux average in all areas
  • Replacement of 30, 400W HID metal halide units with VIVI150 LED high bays
  • Installation of 16 VIVI150 LED high bays & 5 VIVI100 LED high bays for the new build
  • Over 60% Energy Saving compared to Halide/Son Lighting
  • Zero Maintenance for 5 Years
  • Compliant Uniformity throughout the Area
  • Minimised Health & Safety Issues with safe light levels


  • Expected monthly electricity savings of over £343
  • Expected return on investment 19 months
  • Expected lifetime savings of over £61,250

Royal Jersey Showground